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  1. Wasnt referring to cdkeys. So I guess mac addresses change everytime someone connects to a server? You know thats funny, because when I look at my logs, the same people connect with the same mac addresses. Is it spoofable? Yes. But infinitely preferable to a free cdkey in terms of effectiveness. One of the benefits of a HOME SERVER is that you get to do a little more than admin an et server, you also get to configure the firewall. Banning outside the confines of the game?What a concept.
  2. Yea, whatever you do, don't tell anyone you run a successful server from your house.
  3. On the firewall. Is there a set way of banning just the mac address in jaymod? Cause I thought it was part of the mod that it just showed up on the banlist. I understand if the mod is using all of that info for banning, just never saw it work that way.
  4. Thats interesting, because I never got that to work on the firewall. Your thinking inside the box, one of the benefits of running a server from home is that you get to administer the firewall, if a ban within the framework of et doesnt stick, id bet one on the outside firewall would. Kinda works the same way as subnet banning, but with a little more control. Most dynamic ip i see latley are varied on the the last 2 strings likw 82.24.x.x, now if you know the range your hack connects from, you can instruct your firewall not to ban the entire subnet, but a particular range. just my 2 cents, I kn
  5. Apparently pb isnt the end all and be all they want it to be. I Do(did) everything by their specs, if its causing lag, then they damn sure knew about it. Id willing to bet a weeks pay that crap wasnt in the tos until recently, and it shouldnt be there at all. what difference would it make anyway, I dont have a TOS at my isp that states I cant run servers, If I did my website wouldnt exist. Its probably to cover their asses legally if it causes problems.
  6. Well thanks, but a simplle check of the ip would have revealed my isp, so the tos thing is kinda lame.
  7. No it isnt something else, dont even try that crap, that isnt the first time, everything about this is done by your specs, it isnt md5 or too many screenies and you know it.
  8. Are you serious? Ive been running that server for over 3 years, probably better at it than most companies. I know the drill. Dude thats the lamest thing Ive seen i a long time. Im not some wet behind the ears high school kid, been working the same job for 23 years. My guess is you were looking for an out and you found it, your problem isnt going to go away, in fact its probably going to get worse. Penny ante bullshit.
  9. Doesnt do anything for me, still got the lag and got suspended for speaking out. Good luck, but the problem is not on your end, its on theirs and until they fix it its going to continue.
  10. There is I think is an issue with 255 and bots. I know the argument and its still no reason not upgrade imho. Ever wonder why 255 is that popular?
  11. ummm no. I agree the shrubbot cfg changeover can be troublesome, but list ing map in the server cfg? no reason to.
  12. ok just hadnt seen it before.ty.
  13. was wondering if anyones ever seen this in a cvar log----
  14. I hope this works out, I ee a lot of the latest bans are being caught by streaming hub servers.
  15. god no, she was part of FL a few yrs back, then went off to do her own server. She basically used all of my settings and cfg and then called them hers.I host my own server, much cheaper that way.
  16. Server IP: Server Port : 27967 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : FL Co-Admin : N|A
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