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  1. Agent_H

    Raptor X

    So I went ahead and ordered a Raptor X 10,000 rpm 150 gig HD. Wow, if you are looking for an upgrade without rebuild a pc I recommend this one. I start windows now in 4 seconds and maps for games load like crazy. I also have noticed a slight fps increase in FEAR performance. Any one have experience with these?
  2. Agent_H

    Fear Servers - Admin

    Is today the day that streaming stops for the FEAR servers here at pbbans? If so, should the admin of those servers remove them as to not "gum up" the works here? Tis a sad day. As always, we appreciate all the work the crew here puts in to making our gaming better! H
  3. Agent_H

    Evenbalance dropped FEAR Retail/Combat

    We don't play with cheaters. I would like some dedicated server files for Perseus now. Anyone else lol?
  4. Agent_H

    Perseus Servers

    Seems PM servers will act like FEAR servers. Will there be a new subsection or just stream under the title FEAR? I love pbbans by the way!
  5. Agent_H

    Protected Tags Exchange

    pb_sv_protecttag 1 -=Os=- Thanks, will add yours also.
  6. Agent_H

    COD4 server new to me

    Jeez Woolf that is cool! I appreciate it a lot. I will pm you when I am off work with what is in there already and maybe you can give me a suggestion or two. Cool, very Coool.
  7. Agent_H

    COD4 server new to me

    Morning all. Have eight servers streaming and now one of them is a COD4 server. I am stoked but need some help from a game admin or two here as I trust the advice of fellow streamers. So here is my situation - I got our COD4 streaming fine but the pbtool is not linking up with the server. I have 6 FEAR servers and 1 COD2 server and they all work. I have ch3cked the config for punkbuster and it looks right. So.... I have a few questions if you don't mind. 1. Is there a command for the server in the config to enable console? 2. Does the pbtool port have to be different than the stock 28960? 3. Does anyone here have a working server config with more advanced setting that they would share? 4. Is there anything that should be in the COD4 pbconfig that is specific to the game or COD series in general? I thank you in advance and will certainly "{pay forward}" and info to others that need it. Thanks, H *Oh, COD4 is awesome!
  8. Agent_H

    Perseus Servers

    Thanks fuzzie. Good advice. Just getting excited. *relaxes lol.
  9. Agent_H

    Perseus Servers

    Would it be safe to put the FEAR MD5 checks in a pbsvuser.cfg in a Perseus Mandate server? I would imagine some of the filthy hacks would be the same or similar? If it is a possibility then we could actually track which ones are active on PM also. Good or bad idea until we get more info? -=Os=-Agent_H
  10. Agent_H

    Incorrect Aliases?

    Extended acii is what we were all talking about. Semantics or not = there is something hinky beyond the player with the E-ascii showing as a partial other player name.
  11. Agent_H

    Master Ban Index

    "silent detections" - shake little coders shake.
  12. Agent_H

    Incorrect Aliases?

    http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32522 I have been noting weird name/slot related things for a while. This was going on before the pbkter.A/B update also.
  13. Agent_H

    Incorrect Aliases?

    Yes sometimes it is the acii characters for example with the E clan. Their player names appear as other players with the exception of the first character. Now for something else along these lines. I have seen this with the name player without any ascii being used. Also seen, from the in game server search, a player whose name rotates as fast as you can refresh the server. I believe there is something hinky being exploited. Not all the time you see the player name faulting to the next in line but something to do with assigning names to accountability in game. *also as a sidenote - no new mci md5 lately - that mean that nothing new is around or we are just not aware of it yet?
  14. Agent_H

    Corrupt Module kicks

    I love pb still. It is an invaluable tool. It will be fixed soon I hope as I don't like the "not streaming" situation that much. Opened a ticket also.
  15. Agent_H

    Corrupt Module kicks

    As well. Get the tickets in.
  16. Agent_H

    Locked names - Restricting Names on your server

  17. Agent_H

    PB Bug needs to be fixed

    I grew weary of messing with my box so I just did a clean install. 10 minutes and pb updated and all is fine. So last resort- find yer disk and reinstall. I don't like the idea that 5chaap can't play... :o
  18. Hello. Can I get the admin themasterping (107962) removed from our account please. -=Os=- account #139 Thank you very much. H
  19. Check your forum pm's.
  20. Shuggy - your port number is 27888 - not 2000. (2000 is your tcadmin log in homepage...) 1. Edit your pbsv.cfg and change the 2000 to 27888 2. Edit your pbsvlog and change the port from 20000 to 27888 3. enable pb in your options config 4. Change your port number in your team manager if it is not 27888 restart pb. I know that the configs work - just the port probably is the problem. * EDIT - You will get it up and running. :)
  21. CPU = AMD 4800+ Dual Core Mobo = Deluxe Dual-Core nVidia nForce4 SLI 2000 X-Blade gaming case - Blue Maindrive = 160 gig maxtor SATAII X2 in RAID 0 Secondary = 200 gig Maxtor SATAII Tertiary = 160 gig seagate 7200. backups = 2 x 80gig maxtor,300 gig seagate ATA Graphics = EVGA 8800gts 320 gig RAM = 3 GIGS - Patriot Extreme Mouse = Razer diamondback Keyboard = Razer Tarantula Monitor = Dell 20.1 inch PSU = Thermaltake 500w CPU cooler = Thermaltake blue orb II 2x 120 fans - front and back 1x 80mm side case fan.
  22. Agent_H

    Well, what did you all get me?

    Flair - I didn't get you anything but me and the boys are gonna throw some donations into this place. Thank you and all the admins for what you do here.
  23. Agent_H

    The ol' scmd hacker thing

    Quick question. There has been another rash of the scmd hack thing. If I fraps them doing it and show that they are receiving the kill points, can this be considered a PB offense? Normally we are looking for the wallers and bot boys but this one doesn't get detected it seems. Maybe lame, but I personally would like to see them treated just the same as other violations. Oh and thanks for all the help here in setting up the stream to the -=Os=- server.

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