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  1. ROC TaurusBully

    Have a minute?

    Done deal
  2. ROC TaurusBully


    Date Added May 08, 2008 at 2:00:04 pm = Date Ban was Added Game Americas Army = Game Player Was playing when Busted Ban Link ID 69531 = The ID that corresponds with this Ban GUID 13b0c0b42bd3c134d04917767a35c112 = Players GUID IP Address = Players IP Alias ballmill (GT | GM) = Players Alias (Nic) that he was using while cheating (GT = Game Tracker / GM = Game Monitor) Violation VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002 Extra Info MD5Tool Mismatch: system/Chameleon.dll (len=32) = Ban Info in this case a MD5 #9002 Caught By ]FZ[ (Hub) = Server Hub he was Busted on Server Info (GT | GM) = Server IP he was playing on (GT = Game Tracker / GM = Game Monitor) Im sure this isn't what you mean :)
  3. ROC TaurusBully

    Hack Attack On Server

    Not a big COD4 fan, So im not sure whats up here, is this just someone sending connection commands to the server?
  4. ROC TaurusBully

    Unable To Kick Players. Players Can Hide Their Names

    No name or not...there needs to be some connection info, IP, GUID? etc Try Banning those if need be, restart the server for the ban to take effect, or just wait for the map change
  5. ROC TaurusBully

    Unable To Kick Players. Players Can Hide Their Names

    I have also witnessed this....I have posted in here with no reply, or one that i haven't seen yet i am still open for suggestions on how to deal with this
  6. ROC TaurusBully

    Pbbans Is Great Without Doubt But

    Sounds like he wishes to dual stream but no one over at PsB will talk to him....thats my take any who :)
  7. ROC TaurusBully

    PBBans Sponsors

    Same here ROC|rules of combat Transaction ID: 1018989113127842J Danke :)
  8. ROC TaurusBully

    Found A Hacker

    Ditto what Bob said Cheaters Cheat thats what they do .... PBBans can and will only ban with proof, Be vigilant, Most will be caught again, even with their New GUID. Unfortunately once they obtain a different GUID there back in the game until then hmm....is that p00p on my Ban Sig :blink:
  9. ROC TaurusBully

    Pbbans User Survey

    Idea Maydax mentioned, and since you guys have more pull in the gaming arena than the normal user's How would you feel about setting up a Violation forwarding system that server owner operators can use to submit cheat sites and cheater clans The users can fill in the IP and GSP for the cheat site info, but the same report will also go to EA just a thought like was mentioned the more people that complain the more pressure we have as a community to help level the field
  10. ROC TaurusBully

    Saving Your Rank In Cod 4

    This thread has Bad Mojo....I'm staying away :)
  11. ROC TaurusBully

    Heads Up

    EA is the only ones that will (or can) Action an account for Padding Artificially inflating ones score isn't a PB issue, Never has / Never Will Good luck with EA, I'm sure their standard "cookie cutter" auto response will be in order
  12. ROC TaurusBully

    A simple question

    Bro as "Fozzer"said Get an account here and stream to the HUB, this will no doubt get you on your feet and running, because from the looks of your screen shots, you need some help, and this is a good place to start, plus any and all help in regards to setting things up can and will be found here in the forums.
  13. ROC TaurusBully

    PunkBuster coming to Frontlines Fuel of War

    Great news .....Good job :)
  14. ROC TaurusBully

    The comedy thread.


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