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  1. LoL soz i have been out of it for a while .... i really need to catch up ;)
  2. Hardline Open Beta http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/news/battlefield-hardline-open-beta?om_u=2250863407&om_i=_BUysmFB8_EkZbW
  3. Good work Maydax, i/we appreciate all you are doing to keep online for the community. Thank's and Merry xmas to you and all staff at PBBans
  4. You know what, i really have to give credit to this guy, it turns out he was not hacking, and for him to stay as calm as he did is beyond me. If i ever got banned for hacking/cheating/interfering with PB when i haven't i just don't know if i could control myself like this guy has.. Hats off to you.
  5. Hi, thnx Maydax, but i don't mind waiting until attacks are over to lower security settings.
  6. Same results, i'm using J8 U25 on Fire Fox
  7. Chrome tbh i haven't tried another browser yet. Will try now and report back.
  8. I dont want to jack this thread but i have exactly the same problem, but i am a streaming server admin :) Using latest java and yes i have added pbbans on the exception list, restarted browser ect still no joy.
  9. LoL i like it, and i'm an English man, no offence taken................you horrible person :)
  10. Yes I seen it there first tbh but I assumed it just auto detected my OS and had given me appropriate version.
  11. Has anyone noticed the recent Blog found HERE regarding the Beta phase of BF4. They are requiring Beta testers to be on a 64-bit OS on PC. So for all of you on 32-bit then you better hurry up and get 64 installed :) Release date for closed beta is from the 1st of Oct then open beta from the 4th right through to the 15th of October
  12. I don't know if anyone picked up on this, but in that official battlelog post made by trydling he did say at end "We believe that these proven RSP’s will be able to offer global coverage of game servers." I can only assume by that they are only looking for that type of GSP that can offer servers globally. Can all the GSP's on that list provide that ?
  13. Here is mine. Test done during day time.
  14. Yes you got it Shake. I know its getting real old quickly but still makes me chuckle. It seems everyone is at it, even a coder over at IPB making a mod for IPB websites. Only seems to work with IE sorry. HERE scroll to bottom for those who haven't seen it and hit the Harlem Shake button :)
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