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  1. TGL - Grunt

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0zVL8IRRvo&feature=player_embedded The floating Apple....
  2. DICE, creators of the upcoming and highly anticipated Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and MyInternetServices.com are teaming up to bring you an amazing deal on Bad Company 2 server rentals! With servers located throughout North America, MyIS is poised to bring you the best service and support possible to ensure a smooth gaming experience for your friends and community. All of the following begins at just $1.95 (USD) per slot if you visit MyInternetServices.com today. With Bad Company 2 set to be released in just over a month's time, there is precious little time to waste to ensure you have the best launch day multiplayer experience possible. When ordering, feel free to mention my name. I've been told I'll get a gold star and a cookie every time someone mentions me on the order form!
  3. TGL - Grunt

    MyIS and Apple

    Yea i know how things go.. but MyIS does more then just Game Servers..... I just pushed the information out there for those that do use Apple stuff.....
  4. TGL - Grunt

    MyIS and Apple

    See the attached image for info. Any questions feel free to contact me via email. [email protected]
  5. TGL - Grunt

    Any know leagues

    Total Gaming League closed shop on 2142 while back... Was a lack of teams.
  6. TGL - Grunt

    Intel Wolfenstein Championship

    The Total Gaming League Intel Wolfenstein Championship has entered round 4, with 8 teams left, 5 of which are going home with cash in their pockets. The match ups for Round 4 are as follows: Team fx vs rePulse Gaming Team Dignitas vs hubris Team Cross Breed vs Team Affliction mASCULINE_MANS vs Fate With the home team, Affliction and the always competitive Team Dignitas as heavy favorites to win the tourney, both teams will need to be firing on all cylinders to get through the quarter and semi-finals. In the quarter finals, Team Dignitas will face team Hubris who asserted themselves as the #1 North American Quake Wars team and Team fX (a team composed of RTCW veterans), while Team Affliction will have to battle through Crossbreed and the winner of mASCULINE_MANS (a top 3 Enemy Territory Team) and FATE, an established Quake Wars team. Manor is a map where bad spawn times can make or break you. Tune into Gamefire tomorrow night at 9:30 EST to get in on all of the action as Hubris takes on Team Dignitas. The Wolfenstein tourney is sponsored by Intel, id, and Activision featuring a number of prizes. Prizes are as follows: 1st place - $3,500 plus 5x Intel
  7. TGL - Grunt

    Intel Wolfenstein Championship

    We did back when it was first released....
  8. TGL - Grunt

    Intel Wolfenstein Championship

    Update. http://league.totalgamingnetwork.com/news/view/257
  9. TGL - Grunt

    MyIS giving away iPod Nanos

    As posted by [MyIS]Airborne in Total Gaming Network Forums. http://www.totalgamingnetwork.com/main/sho...ad.php?t=203836 To clarify this is for Modern Warfare 2 Servers.....
  10. TGL - Grunt

    Intel Wolfenstein Championship

    Activision, Intel, and the Total Gaming League are proud to present the Wolfenstein Championship. This single elimination 5vs5 tournament will begin on September 30th, with worldwide registration closing on September 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern. While registration is open to participants worldwide, all matches will be played on US based Intel servers at 9:30 PM US EDT on designated match nights regardless of the team's geographical location. Prizing includes $10,000 cash to the top five teams, along with 12x Intel
  11. TGL - Grunt

    Global GUID Ban

    Even Balance handles Global Bans. You will need to await for them to reply.
  12. TGL - Grunt


  13. TGL - Grunt

    AIMBOT 50104

    Thanks Stuart for giving us the heads up.... and as always Thanks for the support.
  14. TGL - Grunt


    i uninstalled the game from my PC...... did that about uumm month ago..
  15. TGL - Grunt

    Definitive Leagues Partnership


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