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  1. CS_DeadShot

    BF2 Hitfixer Legal or Not?

    I have inquired to Evenbalance about this app. It is currently under review by them. This was the reply.
  2. CS_DeadShot

    Pbbans User Survey

    As a admin of a tour, we do not run all of our servers every day. This causes them to fall into the "deactivated" status once a week. Would be nice if the wait time was more then a week.
  3. CS_DeadShot

    Team account for BF2Combat.net

    The streaming is running on several now. We are adding the hub one server at a time to insure no issues as this is a pay to play tourney. BattleServers 1-4 show streaming now. Thanks for all your assistance. CS_Luucearth is our developer for Combat Studios the parent company of BF2C.
  4. CS_DeadShot

    Team account for BF2Combat.net

    Sorry I cut and pasted from the wrong folder...... Here is the corrected info. 1CD (VNC) Training server IP: Game Port:16567 2NV (VNC) Training Server IP: Game Port: 16568 NATO (BF2C) Training Server IP: GamePort: 16567 OPFOR (BF2C) Training Server IP GamePort: 16567 Qualification Server 1 IP GamePort 16567 Qualification Server 2 IP GamePort 16568 Battleserver 1 IP GamePort 16567 Battleserver 2 IP GamePort 16567 Battleserver 3 IP GamePort 16567 Battleserver 4 IP GamePort 16567 I have added them all to our account manager. Thanks.
  5. We would like to set up a team account. Site: www.bf2combat.net Game: BF2 Clantag: Staff tags are [bF2C], player tags are [NATO] or [OPFR] We have the following servers we would like to set up for streaming: Battleserver 1 : Battleserver 2 : Battleserver 3 : Battleserver 4 : NATO Training Server : OPFOR Training Server : Qualification Server 1 : Qualification Server 2 : I am currently in the process of setting up the streaming on these servers to input to you. The servers also stream to PsB.

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