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  1. *TNA* Exterminator

    NoBS Streaming

    I'm guessing the game of your server is COD4 correct?
  2. *TNA* Exterminator

    Boycott L4D2

    Thanks guys. Spread the word make sure you post the link to the group in your own clan forums.
  3. *TNA* Exterminator

    Boycott L4D2

    Sign up anyways bro. LOL :)
  4. *TNA* Exterminator

    Boycott L4D2

    Anyone who also feels that Valve shouldn't be bringing out a new Left 4 Dead and charging us for it sign up. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/L4D2boycott
  5. *TNA* Exterminator


    Make sure you speak to a mangare at Paypal most likely the basic person isn't going to be able to do anything for you. You will probably have to fight with them. But its still money that you should have back. I am sure others are appealing to paypal as well about the company if it went under.
  6. *TNA* Exterminator

    Killing Floor

    Yea I prefer Left 4 Dead over Killing Floor. Some of my clan mates may disagree with me on it. But I think Left 4 Dead just runs smoother.
  7. *TNA* Exterminator

    Forum Language Packs

    Holy thread revival is right. There may be an Italian language pack. Maydax probably hasn't seen this post yet.
  8. *TNA* Exterminator


    Your best bet would be to call and speak to a manager at Paypal.
  9. *TNA* Exterminator

    Punkbuster error 131152, Unknown Windows API function

    No he means Evenbalance.
  10. Excellent Work So Far. :)

  11. *TNA* Exterminator


    There was no need for you to create a new forum acct to bypass the blacklist. Please post up your server Ip and we will assist you.
  12. Woop woop, congratz :>

  13. Congrats with the promotion :)

  14. *TNA* Exterminator

    server deactivated?

    The server is currectly not streaming via pbbans. Please try the link below. http://www.pbbans.com/webtool.php

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