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  1. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    I'd take Buff's tags anyways
  2. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    They didn't specify a good QA Department.
  3. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Armored Kill looks like it might have not-so-terrible maps. Pretty sad bout the only good maps were the B2K, which were basically already made for them and even then they messed some of them up.
  4. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    So many angry people on battlelog right now.
  5. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    I'd say after they get $49 from a bunch of people, they'll probably give out the maps for free like they did for patch 1.50 (BF2)
  6. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Well... the last patch took twice to eliminate mav surfing and did introduce the m26 dart glitch... so... yea, now if you said most pointless patch, then I may concur.
  7. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Yeah well Rush was supposed to be 32 players, and TDM was supposed to be 24, and SQDM was supposed to be 8, and we see how that turned out.
  8. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Yeah it may be defaulted to 16 players... but I'm sure you can set it to 64. Then you'll have 5 Metro-esque maps. Doesn't that sound grand? /Sarcasm
  9. Jaythegreat1

    Medal of Honor Warfighter

    Preorder it for a 1 hour early access to the BFBC3 BETA :P
  10. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Meh I'll keep my pre-order, already committed too many resources for it.
  11. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Yesterday wasn't a good day for BF3 at all. Hype Train has been de-railed a bit. And honestly I don't care anymore if BF3 de-thrones CoD or not. Just let BF be BF, and let CoD be CoD.
  12. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Yeah... I though this game would be somewhere between bf2 and bc2 (in terms of enjoyment and playability). But it seems to be crawling to bc2 now.
  13. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Definitely a day for MW3 fans to feel good. Got even more bad news. Confirmed - no VOIP in-game for BF3. Read our upcoming BF3 Beta interview, to find out what else won't be included at launch. http://twitter.com/#!/GameSpy/status/123956771961315329 Guess we know why they're quiet till now. We know Magnet... we know.
  14. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Yeah true. Also... more bad news @zh1nt0 Daniel Matros @DJN00B 1 soldier / account. Link: https://twitter.com/#!/zh1nt0/status/123893364042117120 R.I.P Smurfing on the same EA Account.... I guess that takes the trouble of digging through 100 aliases though.... if there is a positive spin on this. @zh1nt0 Daniel Matros @Enders11 Joystick support is something on the list we are looking to add in. Link: https://twitter.com/#!/zh1nt0/status/123893201013702658 looking to add in? Really DICE? Cmon now... However... a shade of good news, Tower in Caspian is falling down... falling down... faallliiinnngg down http://youtu.be/XbAl5NIFRGQ - Hopefully thats in-game and not SP or Round-End Sequence.
  15. Jaythegreat1

    Battlefield 3

    Worry about having a good game first, then worry about having PB working.

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