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  1. Fruity-Tootie

    MPI API?

    Hi, is there an API to interact with the MPI?
  2. Fruity-Tootie

    Does PB Detecte the FXAA Injector for BF3 as a hack?

    I sent in a ticket the other day, this is what I got back: 02/22/2012 12:39:27 - "Adam D" Note #2: I'm sorry, but such tools cannot be allowed on PB enabled servers.
  3. Fruity-Tootie

    Does PB Detecte the FXAA Injector for BF3 as a hack?

    Just wondering if there is a MD5 tool check we can run to detect players using this?
  4. Fruity-Tootie

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    It's rather annoying to see the main argument for using VAC is that it's about as good as PunkBuster (comparable) and they all believe that because admins can kick/ban they won't see hackers. I bet they're not going to be running servers on it, or have any experience how difficult it is to fairly admin a server against cheaters.
  5. Fruity-Tootie

    empty servers

    And with many people using the play now button it seems as though its pot luck if your server is going to get some people on after sitting on it for hours...
  6. Fruity-Tootie

    BC2 Server admin tool for Android phones

    Oh.. My....... Awesome! Grabbing now, thanks. :D
  7. Fruity-Tootie

    Remove from Team Account # 4155

    Hi, please can you remove me from the Team Account #4155, I've had a look at the AccCP and found no option to. I would have posted this in here: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/account-change-requests-f349.html but it says I don't have access. "[#10333] We could not find the forum you were attempting to view." Thanks.
  8. Fruity-Tootie

    Your phone

    Samsung U600 with T-Mobile. Waiting for the HTC Magic to come out sometime this month with Vodafone.

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