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  1. Soulzz

    Star Wars Battlefront

    I'm playing Squad :)
  2. Soulzz

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Those are some insanely good prices for dedicated servers! :).
  3. Soulzz

    PunkBuster coming to Medal of Honor

    Great news! :D.
  4. Soulzz

    Forums Updated (IPB 3.1)

    Looks great :).
  5. Soulzz

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Excellent news!
  6. Soulzz

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Gotcha. Well, we've got a little less in 2 months to start getting DICE to change it. That's a lot more then IW gave us. I think we should keep constructively asking them. :).
  7. Soulzz

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    In other words, you need DICE or a GSP to give you the go to look at the server files?
  8. Soulzz

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Isn't renting a server from a GSP the same thing for running a test server?
  9. Soulzz

    Forum Upgraded to IPB 3.0

    Looks great. :D.
  10. Soulzz

    Welcome Back 2009

    Thank you guys for all your hard work and welcome back!
  11. Soulzz

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    Fix it please!!! :D
  12. Soulzz

    Server Donation Drive

    Donating on behalf of True Born Gaming :D .

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