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  1. would not have mattered if he had turned it off. as far as i know he probably would still have been banned for having the files
  2. lol and it all sounded so plausible nice one!
  3. Support = pbbans irc or forums, not xfire, TS, Vent, or MSN, please. RoadWarrior ^_^
  4. click the AccCP button near top of the page then manage servers then modify i believe that should get you there
  5. sharing GUIDs is never a good idea
  6. unfortunately, that is the way of it. all most of these people know is to whine and spread lies but, let us not let this get in the way of celebrating the good job for 5 years and all those yet to come Thank You to all that have and will help to catch the hackers
  7. yes a real shame. i used to surf their files a lot
  8. i always try to bear that in mind when viewing the linked info. i really do like having said info. i have found some very interesting connections there
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