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  1. lol every time i report someone for hacking I always write "for god sakes VAC can't you do a job like PB? at least they catch hackers...all you do is basically give them the hacks... get some AC'ing skills please"
  2. lawls already hacked dedicated servers now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pBQO3qkrgQ&feature=related "command "/fail "/end fail command
  3. IW can shove it up their ass, if EA plays their cards straight they're going to win many many many PC gamers over this.
  4. I really wish this would just go to the media...either that or have the big stores (future shop/bestbuy) not order the games...then they would really look good having all those copies just laying there for no reason... Also for the console guys, they're getting fed up too. MW2 will have a matchmaking for them also, and they really hated how it was brought to them the same way it did in GoW/GoW2. The matchmaking was horrible, so they always just stuck to single player/coop... So I got some of my console friends at school to sign the petition and spread the word around. Most of them canc
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6OMcLvFMPc&feature=sub i got my friend to make this video lol he didn't really know what to say but he did his best....he just learned about it when i told him...didn't give him the full story but told him about PB and steam... he's going to try and post it on machinima also because he works for them to make halo videos, so if we have all those machinima fans that are going to play this game later on, we have a shit load of ppl with them. Lets hope this gets a bit more attention also :)
  6. hey guys, that youtube link ( ), take it and re-post it on your own channels. Also send a message or create a video telling youtube how you feel. This will attract attention and the more ppl know about it the more ppl can make their own videos and tell more people. More and more will sign and we will make our point sooner or later...
  7. I really can't wait for the updates on Tuesday...We already pre-ordered some servers so that as soon as the patch comes out we put some new maps up to get to know them and to attract more people. We will be having the Blue Pearl map ( up and running at the exact time the patch comes out, so if anyone is interested in trying it out feel free to come and join us :)
  8. *sigh* seriously man why don't you just give up now? your screwing yourself with your own words more...and by my calculations you would be in neck high shit right now.... ->get your damn facts straight before you post shit up.... I really don't know how the staff can still endure him...I'd have banned him on his first thread....let alone his clan...jeez if you always act like this towards clan members I'd be out of there in a sec....
  9. This is actually so much BS on the part on infinity ward.........we should have the same damn games and editions as console even if the PC version doesn't make that much money in return.....but in these days that's all what those f*ckers care about anyways...money money money...nothing else...
  10. lol I'm buying the xbox version with my friend just for the goggles....many of my friends say they actually work well and you can see pretty good with them
  11. yea I would have to pay for shipping/handling then I'd have to pay for our taxes and another stupid fine for border crossing/delivery fees.... When I bought my some stuff off ebay it initially only cost me 34$(42 CDN) but when it got delivered to my house I had to pay an extra 22$ for taxes and 16$ delivery fee...Had to pay it if I wanted the box....carrier wasn't leaving without his money :P
  12. yea I asked my friend and hes going o borrow me his CD so that I can make a copy of it....or ummm....errrmmm i mean... lol screw it I'm just going to take his CD and burn the disk...I already bought the game I just screwed up on the CD lol so technically it isn't called "pirating" if I already payed and bought the game before :P
  13. so in other words I'm screwed and have to get my paycheck for another CD....
  14. hey guys can you help me please. I just got the itch to play CoD:WaW, so I was looking for my disk and i couldn't find it. Looked a bit further and see that the disk is broken in half.... Is there any way to play the single player zombie game without the CD? Like a cracked version of a mirror or something that would allow the game to run without a CD? Please help!!!
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