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  1. Sabret


    Okay. We just got one ourselves.
  2. Sabret


    So how many cores is this box you are talking about?
  3. Sabret

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Oh good grief, I paid full price and am not sure I like it yet. However, Buff and I played one of the coops and had a good time. Buff was a great coop partner to have, Saw the movie with some friends yesterday. We went all out. IMAX theater in 3-D. Very good effects of course!
  4. Sabret

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Sabret

    Star Wars Battlefront

    I have played the game a bit. Still getting to know it, so no opinion at this time.....lol.
  6. Sabret

    He Tried To Rob My GF (but she's alright)

    Oh yeah! I see it now. Really good eye! :)
  7. Sabret

    He Tried To Rob My GF (but she's alright)

    It is a great video. But in my opinion it is staged. Has been superimposed upon the walking people. Look at her purse. It all of a sudden is on the ground, but you don't see it come off of her. One second it is on her, the next instant across on the other side on the ground. Of course, being a female, I would notice the purse. :) But as I said, still love the video. He got his.
  8. Sabret

    How Men Think...

    Good one!
  9. Sabret

    How Men Think...

    Oh good grief!
  10. Sabret

    Any Good VPN's Out There?

  11. Sabret

    Any Good VPN's Out There?

    Is this the same as VPS (virtual server) ?
  12. Sabret

    Viol 50710 Bans Removed (COD4)

    Thank you Fozzer and the rest of the pbbans team. Your post is very kind. Don't quite know what to say, except thanks. Come by SCS sometime and hang out and play for a bit. We run the COD4 open warfare mod, so many custom maps. We would love to have some new visitors. So if you are able to take a break from your work here, keep us in mind. Our servers can be found on Gametracker, or PM me here for more information. If there is anything I can do to help in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.

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