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    New Forums

    I only applied the fix to the MPI to see if it worked. I never put it on the account pages yet.
  2. MaydaX

    New Forums

    That's likely from the way the website integrates into the new forums. I've tweaked the mpi area and hopefully it won't do that as often or at all now.
  3. Easy Anticheat was recently bought by Epic Games. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fortnite-dev-purchases-anti-cheat-company/1100-6462364/ Would be interesting if they offer it with Unreal 4 engine down the road.
  4. Nope. Get rid of the small player count for classic game modes and maybe even custom servers and I may consider it.
  5. Steam takes a percentage of the profits but they own battle.net so they keep all the profits. Plus they own and control it.
  6. Its 2 vs 78 which is boring for me. I prefer big teams on smaller maps which flushes out campers etc. That is why I like tdm but tdm in cod bo4 is 6v6 which leads to a lot of looking for people to kill. I really miss cod4 with its 16v16 tdm and was chaos at times. It was a lot of fun for me.
  7. Played blackout for 5 minutes and uninstalled the beta. I never played any battle royal game games before and this was the first and last time I play it. Shame World War 3 alpha servers are offline, I would play it over cod any day.
  8. I like it so far. Can't say much because of the NDA but I am definitely interested.
  9. Closed beta signups are available: https://worldwar3.com/en/technical-test-signup/ I signed up yesterday and got invited this afternoon.
  10. I'm not a fan of WW2 era games but I tried it and the first time it wouldn't join a server. Second time it wouldn't deploy. So after less than a few minutes I uninstalled it. They should have made Bad Company 3 or even a BF2143 instead of releasing another WW2 era game so soon.
  11. This is PBBans, a 3rd party with no affiliation to Even Balance (the developers of Punk Buster) . If you wish to contact them about your violation submit a ticket using the link below. https://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php
  12. I tried the open beta and it didn't urge me to buy it that's for sure (Especially at $79 for the standard edition) . All the issues that pushed me away from COD starting with MW2 are still there. The 12 player games or less are boring for me. I truly miss the ability to host 24 or even 32 player games from CoD4. Yes the maps were not really designed for that number of people but it was some the best TDM matches I've played. At least we had the option to customize a server back then whereas now the developer controls everything and it's based on matchmaking and lobbies.
  13. In BF4 and I think 3 the guid is generated from the origin account. So long as they have the same account it wouldn't change.
  14. MaydaX

    New Forums

    Also seems there was an issue with permissions and not being able to reply in some forum areas such as this one. Should be fixed now.
  15. MaydaX

    New Forums

    If you find you can't reply (The box won't open) or even click some of the forum buttons, look in the url and remove any hash signs (#) and try again. It looks like it may be a bug with the forum software itself since it occurs on the IPS forums as well. I think it started when I upgraded to the latest version last week.
  16. https://www.origin.com/can/en-us/store/origin-access
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