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  1. This game is no longer supported by evenbalance
  2. I looked at your server logs and your guid remains the same for the past few days. Is your server running the latest R7 because with earlier versions your guid changes when you change your name.
  3. It's a known bug and there is no fix for it. A server patch will be needed to fix it which is being worked on.
  4. bf1943 has PB and it all depends on how well BC2 works out. Having no public server files and extremely limited access to servers from rsps is a pain to say the least.
  5. spam.cfg? I assume it's from another AC site. If it's for server messages, they don't currently work in BC2. PB doesn't have the ability to interface with the server rcon system yet.
  6. First you should upload a complete banlist from PBBans and any other AC sites. You can use our MBi to make a combined one using the Customize option: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-overview-bfbc2-ov36.html If your using a ucon profile of 1 and have pb_sv_AutoUpdBan set to 1 (Both of which our guide and automated tools use) and you have the following flags enabled: new bans will be then sent to your server and saved into the pbbans.dat file.
  7. Try downloading the latest PB files from here
  8. It's because your server is now running on which again works correctly for streaming.
  9. Wrong IP. PB reports it as which is setup to stream.
  10. I tried joinign your server to see if the IP is right but I can't find it in the BC2 browser. Is it the following: 0/16 0/0 Levels/MP_012GR 49 / 1 RUSH Cafe Flesh HARDCORE FWF Clan Server
  11. Both signatures and xml feeds are cached and get generated every few hours.
  12. 16/17 0/0 Levels/MP_003 49 / 1 CONQUEST Massive Unit Private When you join that server, PB shows the IP as
  13. Another case of a server IP being wrong. The server is actually running on and that IP works fine for streaming. Who is your RSP?
  14. Your server ip is actually right now and works with streaming. Like I said, in some cases the server ip is not getting binded correctly or PB is not using the right one.
  15. Ignore hub live numbers. It tracks by player connection and disconnection so if the server crashes while the players are on there, hub live will show "ghost" players. They get purged every few hours. Same reason that few players show up on a newly streamed server. The Hub hasn't seen the players connect.
  16. Ports changed for both servers, one is streaming, is not
  17. Ask your gsp to take a look at the ip bindings. Might be a R5 server issue but that's unknown at this point.
  18. and using that IP streaming works fine. Seems you also have the issue where the server is not binding the proper ip and port to your server.
  19. I've added more info for BC2 Guardian http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html#bc2g It explains that you should see UCON messages of some sort. If not, your server IP may not be correct. Then you can use the client logs guide to check it.
  20. AutoUpdates apply to MD5 Tool checks which will not save. Streaming commands ended with the pb_sv_writecfg command will be saved. As for the MyIS servers, make sure it's on the right IP. Use client logging to get the server ip that PB sees. http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-clientlog.html
  21. Server is setup correctly you just need to add it to your account when created
  22. OK issue pb_sv_uconempty then add the profile for pbbans and any other ones you use such as GGC. Also make sure the server is on the right address. You can check using client logging http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-clientlog.html
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