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  1. Hope this will be released ... at least at some point down the road. :) I am looking forward to it!
  2. Und was war nun die Antwort seitens Evenbalance? Ursprünglich wurdest Du wohl während des Spielens auf einem Server gebannt welcher nicht zu PBBans streamt. Alle ranked Server müssen Punkbuster aktiviert haben ... daher ist klar woher der Bann kommt.
  3. Some rsps should be removed from the trusted provider program for plain stupidity in running (game)servers, I agree ... others should be added instead. But quality does not count anymore these days ...

  4. +1 on this one Surfy ... With our favorite provider being out of the list, no BF4 servers for our community at this moment in time. I am not going shopping anywhere else for questionable setups. Among a few others of us, even I canceled my bf4 pre order playing BF titles since 1942 ...
  5. Exactly, currently you cannot prevent the misuse of your clan tag by non members in BC2/MoH/BF3. Technically no information provided in ucon/rcon to check for clantags used by an active player slot. Too bad, due to the "3rd" party system in use since BC2, client does login to EA´s backend prior being able to establish a server connection. And this particular system does not provide clan tag information externally.
  6. How many of you are still using it? I renew our clantag every year ( =]RC[= ) ... however for games like BC2 or BF3 it became rather useless.
  7. The current BF3 rcon protocol does not provide any player ping/latency data. Therefore neither Procon nor any other 3rd party tool can provide "ping" values.
  8. AAAhh right ... well ... tempting, but I gonna wait a few weeks to see how it goes in regards dealing with cheats coming up soon. Too many games got hurt recently, so I gonna be really careful which title to play next. Furthermore my eyes got really spoiled by BC2 / BF3 graphics, which makes it hard for new titles to compete. Although graphics are not all - we know ... still hopping back to bf2142 from time to time, and that just because of the multiplayer team gameplay ... :rolleyes:
  9. I believe that is not entirely correct. Check their main site http://www.LowPingGameServers.com ... besides the reasonable slot pricing already, they still give new customers a 10% discount on top. (seems that fits the "clients" coupon @ butt) Since the more slots on a server you purchase the cheaper it goes, you may pay for a 64 slot BF3 server just $1.26 , going for a month period. Going for 3 or more months, that comes down to $1.13 for the time of the subscription. I see no problem with that, being a happy customer for many server slots per months in a row since BC2. :lol:
  10. Right, same at LowPing ... check the first option, although that is for a location in Germany only, but BF3 slots are limited as well. Besides the amount of slots looks reasonable for the overall price ... lol https://billing.lowpinggameservers.com/cart.php?gid=4
  11. I love these kind of topics, keep in mind folks, there are always two sides of a medal ...
  12. panicmaker, einen Hinweis noch, Bf2CC hat eine bekannte Sicherheitsluecke, welche nie geschlossen wurde. Das Tool selber ist ja nun auch schon alt und moege es in Frieden ruhe, sprich niemand arbeitet mehr daran. Die einzige Loesung ist den BF2 Server nicht mit der Bf2CC Integration zu starten (modmanager = 0) und Dich mittels bf2cc nur "normal" ueber RCON Port und Passwort zu verbinden. Dadurch fehlen Dir zwar einige Funktionalitaeten im bf2cc, aber grundlegend bleibt die Administrierung erhalten.bf2cc entspricht dann aehnlichen RCON Tools wie zBsp BF2RA usw. ...
  13. Du solltest nie aus BF2 mit ALT+TAB oder auf anderen Weg zwischendurch raus auf den Desktop. Wenn dann nur f
  14. Hey Big_Guy21, the admin script (running at startup) could help to overcome this until AOWC fixes it.
  15. Hey MadaX, I used the Python scripts to set it up. Definately a big thank you for the commands guide adjusted for BC2! Great work! Streaming is up, flawless and easy. Hopefully GSP will enable the pbsv and/or pbsvuser cfg files to be edited easily through web frontends, then we are fine adding the md5 checks at no harm. Good job!
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