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  1. “There is also something i recognized. BF4DB has "trusted" and not listed cheaters who are banned from PBBans & GGCStream.“ Name ONE, I’ll wait. “Trusted” is not even a ban or clean status we have available. We certainly don’t protect cheaters. Hell, we’ve banned regular members of the community who were even subscribing to our Patreon because we found evidence of them cheating. We have also fired staff in the past for misusing their power. If you have evidence of our staff abusing their position then by all means send it to me for review. But please don’t make up things such as u
  2. MaydaX, It really would be a shame if PBBans ceased operations. I've sent you a PM with a couple of ideas of what we can do to help out and keep the lights on. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.
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