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  1. I cannot access the website to get new ip addresses
  2. O also have been denied access to most parts of the website. What is going on?
  3. I reran the automatic hub setup on our servers. Is there something else that should be done?
  4. Our servers have stopped streaming and my access to the streaming admin section has been removed. Can someone please assist me [email protected]
  5. The link isnt good
  6. I take it the various other mods were game hacks?
  7. Supergauntlet is stirring up the the forum trolls in EA by starting the rumor its a false positive and they can get it lifted
  8. Idiots are incapable of the self introspection needed to admit they made a mistake. I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for the retraction.
  9. I see quite a few bans for AIMBOT 50619 in the last few days too. Is there any possibility that there is a legitmate (read non hacking) reason that could trigger this many bans?
  10. Does anyone ever join the TS3 server?
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