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  1. I Am Sad To Say That The PMG BF3 Server Is Now Off Line

    it seems that bf3 has died due to no players 

    and the players will only play in serves with no punk-buster due to loads of good players getting banned  for hacking when they don't hack so instead of using pbbans GGC and ACi  bf3 now has a server with every think turned off to fill up the server with players good and bad Admins will monitor the servers and vote kick mods are in place this is the only way to get players back in the game due to so many players getting banned for no resin and no response from even balance or no compassion about some legit players. 

  2. Sprayer41

    New Forums

    yes i like the new forums to its seems to be working great. i have problems trying to find a friend or add one its really hard all i can do is follow a friend and then post on their wall but other then that i am Having the same problem as redKilla Dont Click Back only go forwards then it works find or open a new page to find content great job MayDax.
  3. Hello Tagman how are you come visit the PMG Team @ pmg.enjin.com

  4. all is good and streaming

  5. You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information.


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