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  1. XDE4TH

    Squad (From PR Mod Creators)

    Good share...hadn't heard of it until now. Gave it a thumbs up on Greenlight. Kinda seems Battlefield meets Insurgency.
  2. [LINK] It appears this page hasn't been used for some time now and I see it says stats are manually updated but with the recent events it may be a useful page to have to check the status of the various PBBans services. I don't think it would really be worth it to have to manually update but if the process could be automated somehow it would be a useful page. If I recall during the last DDoS when I tried to visit the site I couldn't but this page was still reachable. Just something I stumbled across and thought was relevant.
  3. XDE4TH

    PBSS Scanner

    I'm not sure you do fully understand(not trying to be rude). As Jimbo explained above, it is simply about matching a color(RGB value) to that of a single pixel(usually, some programs can require multiple pixels of that color before flagging) on the PBSS that also has that color. Now granted I don't know what color codes PBScreens uses to check against PBSS but from your link you shared, I would guess that the majority of those are from the friendly/enemy/squad markers on the screen. Many people when using tools like PBSSC or PBSS Scanner include a range or sampling of those HUD colors because of "spot cheats". Take for example this image, if you use Paint or an image editing program of your choice and take say 5-6 samples of color codes the blue friendly markers give you. Now you add those to your favorite scanning program(or say PBScreens has 5-6 samples of those to detect friendly markers). Now any time an image comes up with a pixel that matches that color, its flagged. Now repeat that for enemy markers....and possibly squad if you desire. Now repeat that for the color blind setting. You now have 20+ color codes to just detect in-game "spot cheat" depending on how many samples you took. See how it starts to add up?...If not keep reading. Now here is an example of the ACI PBSSC(I can't use Singhs as it appears I'm blocked out again! :S). As you can see it flagged an image of myself for "BF3EnemyHealthBar2" which has the RGB color code (R255, G176, B126). Somewhere on that image a single pixel has that color. And for another example relating back to when you asked about repair tools triggering it.... As you can see it flagged an image of someone using a repair tool for "Light Blue Skeleton" which has the RGB color code (R156, G255, B255). Now I don't have an example on hand of a "Light Blue Skeleton" but take for example some of the images from this ban. The ones that show the stick figure in green/yellow of the player model, replace the color with blue, take a sample of the "skeleton" or bounding box(appears to be one solid color) and I called that "Light Blue Skeleton" whenever I created my color code for the above example. Now my current personal color list I use in tools like this one for this thread(PBSS Scanner) has 173 color codes(maybe excessive, maybe small) but it includes BF3 and BF4 colors. I don't know how many colors PBScreens checks for but lets say its 100 colors for only BF3 images. Now if just 1 pixel matches any of their 100 color codes in that 320x200 PBSS area(64,000 pixels to check?) it gets flagged....Do you see how many false positives can be flagged now? Now you could probably get far fewer false positives if you only went with obnoxiously obvious colors like hot pink crosshairs or lime green player boxes or solid red info tags but then you will miss many of the less obvious "spot cheats" that exploit the in-game spotting system, or the cheats that aren't just 2-3 solid colors but change in opacity and get darker/lighter. Some example bans that show cheats that aren't solid colors and are harder to detect or require multiple color codes for best detection. [#1] - BF3 Non Solid Player Box [#2] - BF3 "Spot Cheat" Now again, some programs can be more advanced and require multiple hits or possibly other requirements but that is the basic idea and how I would say the majority of images that get flagged or marked "pixel found" on PBScreens are clean. That is why an individual has to manually verify the image does show a cheat. Otherwise if it was a positive hit every time, organizations like PBBans could just implement their own system to look for known colors and ban automatically.
  4. XDE4TH

    PBSS Scanner

    Good now! Thanks!
  5. XDE4TH

    PBSS Scanner

    Hey Singh400 My scanner this evening told me "Login Failed! Previous session still active. Contact PBSS Scanner developer" Tried ending the java process and didn't work. Tried looking for like a pbss.exe process but didn't find one. It still persists after a I restarted the box(VPS its running on).
  6. XDE4TH

    PBSS Scanner

    Just dropping by to say . Taken some getting used to but is very nice. Keep up the work!
  7. XDE4TH

    PunkBuster coming to Battlefield Hardline

    Same engine, they just gave it a different story line, some new looks and setting to fit a new theme, some new items and are calling it a different game. Honestly I'm not surprised in the slightest.
  8. XDE4TH

    I-stats closed down?

    i-stats Twitter i-Stats.net ‏@impossibleStats Mar 22 i-stats.net is down ... because ... lack of donations. No money, no server. 5:25 AM - 22 Mar 2014 · Details
  9. XDE4TH

    MPI API?

    Good question, I too had a similar question I asked.
  10. It would be nice to include a link to a players MPi page on the MSi. Just like how it links to BtLog & GT, if another one could be added for MPi. Reason I just noticed this is I link to each of our servers MSi pages from our site. I got to thinking after I clicked it that it would be nice to then be able to just find the player in that list and click to his MPi. Just a thought.
  11. XDE4TH

    Defuse Server Settings

    Our maplist is and has been configured for two rounds if you look at the second code box I titled maplist.txt....MapsName Elimination0(gametype name for Defuse) and then 2(# of rounds to play). Like I said it was running fine like this during the day(switching sides), it was running fine during the scrim, but then afterwards it won't change teams and I can't get it to work for the life of me. I already tried turning off all plugins running that day, didn't work(we don't have anything on that server that would effect it anyways). I tried restarting it. I tried shutting it down for 5mins, then back on...nothing. Apparently I'm not alone as there are a few others posting about this issue and a similar issue with Rush on our GSP forums. Regardless, I'm literally baffled as to why this suddenly stopped working after the scrim.......
  12. XDE4TH

    Defuse Server Settings

    Earlier today our Defuse server was running how we normally have it. It plays a round, switches sides on the same map, then switches maps. It was running great all day and then we had a scrim. It ran fine/the same way during the scrim, just how we want it. Now that the server is back public we can't seem to get it to go back to switching sides after a round, now it just goes to the next map without swapping Attacking/Defending. We have no plugins on this server that manage maps/balancing.(In game, Latency, Server Rules Request, Spambot, Watchdog, ProconRuls{only 3 say commands for knife/defib/torch}). Here are the configs how they currently are(and how they were prior to not working properly, unless I'm missing something). startup punkBuster.activate vars.idleTimeout 300 vars.teamKillCountForKick 5 vars.teamKillValueForKick 5 vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1 vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0 vars.killCam true vars.miniMap true vars.3dSpotting true vars.3pCam true vars.idleBanRounds 0 vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100 vars.nameTag true vars.regenerateHealth true vars.roundStartPlayerCount 4 vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false vars.soldierHealth 100 vars.hud true vars.playerRespawnTime 100 vars.gameModeCounter 100 vars.serverMessage "" reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin false vars.roundLockdownCountdown 10 vars.roundWarmupTimeout 600 vars.maxSpectators 2 vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled true vars.commander true vars.roundTimeLimit 100 vars.forceReloadWholeMags false vars.alwaysAllowSpectators true vars.friendlyFire false Maplist.txt MP_Flooded Elimination0 2 MP_Abandoned Elimination0 2 MP_Damage Elimination0 2 MP_Journey Elimination0 2 MP_Naval Elimination0 2 MP_Prison Elimination0 2 MP_Resort Elimination0 2 MP_Siege Elimination0 2 MP_TheDish Elimination0 2 MP_Tremors Elimination0 2 XP1_001 Elimination0 2 XP1_002 Elimination0 2 XP1_003 Elimination0 2 XP1_004 Elimination0 2 Any thoughts/suggestions welcome. It is just soo bizare that it was even working okay during the scrim but after opening the server back up it isn't. We copy & pasted the configs/maplists before the scrim and that is what is above....I have no idea if I'm missing something here? :S
  13. XDE4TH

    GAME HACK #81518

    It is not a hardware ban on your system. Re-buy Battlefield 3 on a new Origin account and you will be okay. The ban will not transfer to Battlefield 4 if you also buy it on the new Origin account. If you buy BF4 on the banned account, it will transfer. It should not be. Basically Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4 share the same PB_GUID. So if you buy Battlefield 4 on your current Origin account, it will use the same PB_GUID as from BF3. You will need to create a new Origin account and re-buy the game(s) you want to get a new PB_GUID.
  14. XDE4TH

    Battlefield 4 Game Server Provider List

    What site am I linking to?
  15. XDE4TH

    Battlefield 4 Game Server Provider List

    My clan was actually just informed today by MyIS(who our current BF3 provider is) that they will no longer be a provider for BF4 servers and won't be able to fulfull pre-orders, instead directing customers to i3d.net(their parent/partner company?). We decided to go with another company for BF4 anyways so this won't effect us. Can anybody give me a more complete background on MyIS history regarding whatever shady things about them? (By PM is okay to not de-rail thread)

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