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  1. Stats from BF1.stats.com: There are still many players playing it, but i have even seen closed BF3 servers being there again in the last couple of weeks since BF1 is a big disapointment for nearly all the clans. ^^
  2. Actually i think this looks pretty interesting. I stopped playing COD since MW2 and always played BF, but the last BF game lacks long term motivation for me to play it. So it would be good to have a decent FPS apart from BF3 again^^ =)
  3. "Prior kick ban" is usually if you ban a player with guid from your server. Maybe you have a name ban AND a guid ban for this player in your ban list? This would explain that if you unban him he directly gets kicked again when he tries to join. Esp when you have a big ban list with not just one admin using it things like this happen pretty fast ;)
  4. Iam so disappointed about how everything is developing around bf1 and so is the majority of my clan. Without having full control over the server we ofc wont rent a bf1 too, and iam not willing playing on official servers only where no admin can actually kick players who cheat or show other disruptive behaviours.
  5. Iam really looking forward to this, its gonna be a great game =)
  6. Write their support, they are helping very fast normally and can help you.
  7. Thats what i was already told when i was a little girl by my mommy.....Only subject has changed: chocolate--> free games :D
  8. Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks to Pbbans for doing such a great job and to all who answered my questions during the past year :D
  9. Played the Beta yesterday and during 1 game saw 6 FF bans already^^
  10. This looks interesting and worth to give it a try ;)
  11. Wow, this looks like camper heaven^^ Iam glad i didnt buy it and waited for community feedback this time, not making the same error as in bf4 again^^
  12. =CCG=Niou


    I can see it in your eyes
  13. BF3 free on Origin = 500% more stress for server admins ^^ Yesterday we had more than 40 Level 1 players on our server in one game, but it takes so much time to figure out which are 2nd accounts of good players or which ones are cheaters. ^^
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