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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Guys. Im searching for a Sponsor to host my servers again. I need a place to host or donations to rent a Server (60€ - 100€ per month for a Server) I startet my Project in 2018 because i have setup a lot servers in the past, i had enough time and i was f********** of by all this f****** Cheaters in every single game, this guys destroy everything and all ... cheaters have killed so many games. And i really wanted to play this cool old games ^^ i enjoyed BFBC2 so much .... Sadly i recognized that absolutely none of the Server Hoster Companys configured PunkBuster or any of their hosted games so that they are cheat protected. And most Admins dont know ore are to lazy to configure it. I wrote this server hosters a letter and explained it but i think they just ignored it. One of my mates owns me smth. because i helped him out with issues and he let me host my stuff on his company server in frankfurt server central. But there is no longer the option to do so ....... Its sad ... i investigated 400H Worktime into this Project its a f*** lot of time .. i dont want that this is wasted so it would be cool when you guys have also the dream to do perfect servers. I have setup a lot servers in the past ... must be 200 privately and in my job. I have experience but im no programmer so all ive done wasnt easy because lot stuff wasnt working (Windows Server) but finally i can say i have doen a good job ... But what does "Perfect Server" mean ? It means that there is a ping limit of 80 on the main servers to keep servers lag free, and garant the best performance to everyone. People from other countrys (arabians, russians, etc... ) will become a seperated server so they can enjoy same quality but dont impact the other ppl. It means that the configuration is as perfect as possible .. so i looked onto every single command and every single setting to set the best options. It means that all PB - PunkBuster Games stream to GGC, PBBans and ACI (GGC + PBBans garants best protection) It means that the Punk Buster config is setup well like here i made this Git for you to share my pbsv.cfg https://github.com/BestNoob/pbsv.cfg It means that a server is DDoS protected. It means that players can send videos with suspect players and an admin will check it and ban abusive ppl. And the Goal in the end is to unify the little spreaded and seperated cummintys and groups to one. This are the Games i have created servers for in my 2018 perfect server (cheater free server) project Trackmania Nations Forever: Short||FunGamez Trackmania 2 [CANYON] 70K ClassicMix Trackmania 2 [STADIUM] 60K LOLMaps Trackmania 2 [VALLEY] 70K WinterValley MOD Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 5 Crysis CryMP Server GunGame Crysis 3 Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2142 Battlefield 2142 Reclamation Mod Battlefield 2142 FirstStrike Mod BF Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Minecraft
  2. HI. Followed all the tutorials even used the automated tool everything should be fine but server still not streaming am i missing some? Thanks in advance Best Regards
  3. Okay so I'm not going to make this is a HUGE thread because I just want to get to the point. I have just purchased a Call of Duty: 4 server and I have it currently working with Promod Live 2.19 EU. However I still have some questions that need to be answered fast, thank you if your even able to answer one. 1. How do I get my website URL link in the corner of the screen like 99.9% of other promod server do? 2. How can I upload custom camouflages for guns to my server so they have my server name on the side? (I know how to skin) 3. How would one go about editing the loading screen when people join the server/switch map? 4. How can I upload my own config to the server? (where the kill feed names are coloured) 5. Am I able to upload a movie config to the server? If so, how? (to make it look amazing) :P As I said before I will be happy even if you are able to help with one! Thank you <3
  4. Hi I am Battlefield 3 player .When I played this game last night . Their players killed immpossible score .because . They Hacked your punk buster system .Please help .they dont play fair!! look at this web site .I searched last night. *Edit Do not post cheat site names here!* Please safe us this hackers.good day.
  5. I am close to a championship, and my brother has a unique key and how he stopped playing cod 4 she gave me, only that it banned, can someone help me? is a national championship level, I really want to play, the last digit of my guid are: 4e774e42 help me, please!
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