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Captain B2

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I'd Like to Report that * has rejoin our Clan as * on website and * on COD4 we dont want u guys to stop streaming us Just Ban him again to teach a lesson cause he just doesnt get it

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Your first mistake was thinking pbbans gives a flying f*ck who signs up here. All about the # of servers streaming to throw it into PsB face


Hell, there is 4-5 clans with cheater on rosters around here that I know of, Likelihood of pbbans turning them away? Slim to none



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Hemp, we've never cared about the number of servers streaming here. In fact, we're right on top of constant audits of our SGA's and their clans, and are prompt to inform them if one of their own has been caught cheating in one of the games we support here. We're also quick to remove their streaming abilities, should they not comply with the rules and regulations we have here. Your mis-information in this matter is not helping anyone. Perhaps choose to not post, or if you do need to, choose to post something useful. Posts like that will see you on a fast-track to no-where.


As far as Captain is concerned, you'll have to have your admin remove him from your clan, or your clan will lose their streaming privelages, if he's proven to be an in-game cheater. It's them you want to report this too, first and foremost, as their decision on that issue will provide the end-result of the issue, one way or the other. Harbouring a cheater by allowing him to re-join using another name will not come out positive, if/when found to be doing so, by any clan who streams here.

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Captain - It is up to papasmurf to remove him from your clan, like he'd informed me he did! If what you are saying is true then yes CID streaming will cease once again! Only this time it would probably be on a more permanent basis.


As for Hemps remarks, they are unjustified statements. I can tell you for one that we actively deal with clans harboring hackers on a daily basis, so no its not about numbers for us. You are misinformed.


As with all these cases, we do prefer a PM made to a staff member who will investigate any reports further.

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Digital is not in our clan. he is not redneck, I told the truth too you surfy, I swear that to you. B2 or captain w/e, we removed him from the clan due to immaturity and he is trying to bring down our clan, Our clan is cheat free we don't hack in any way shape or form. I have made sure of that myself that CID is not hacking, we recently removed 2 new recruits due to aim-boting in cod4, We would like to keep streaming to Pbbans if that is still possible, I don't see how anyone can take the word of someone that just signed up then posts to bring down a clan thats been around almost a year.


So I hope you can all see this how it really is, not how someone else has protrade it.


Oh and B2 Don't ever try and chat with any of the members on vent or even be in our servers, your dead to us at {CID}, thought you were a more mature 18 year old then that. clearly not. :/



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