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Is this player a Wall Hacker?


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I'm a server admin.



Do you think this player is a wall hacker?


Player's demos: http://uploaded.to/file/giyllj


Player's name is Mosquito.


I watched player's demos with a wall hack. I think this player a wall hacker.


Stream a server here and you will be able to get highly experienced demo reviewers to give an opinion.

Stream a server here and any demo can be validated as the genuine article by using set protocols we have in place for authenticating submitted demo's as untampered.

Do not stream a server and post up a demo that has not been validated as untampered by our systems, = thread closure, because any opinion offered is just so much hot air.



Just a word of warning, if you yourself are using a cheat to view demo's do not be surprised if you end up on an anti cheat sites banlist yourself.

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