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RESTRICTION:Server Abnormaltiy


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after download the pbservice program,first i unistallthe pb,after i instal it,but when i try to join a server the punkbuster kick me that problem(service abnormality)


i look other forums and i search that pnkbstrA and pnkbstrB need to run but i dont understand

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What operating system are you running on your computer? With Vista, you need to run the game as administrator. Simply right-click the game's icon, and select properties, then the compatibility tab, and put a check in the "always run as administrator" box, click apply and ok.


For Windows 7, repeat the above process, but also select run in compatibility mode for Vista SP1.


You'll also need to allow PnkBstrA and B to be able to connect through your firewall software, and that will depend on what firewall program you run, they simply need to be in your allowed to connect list. This last one, it's irrelevant to the operating system, it just applies to the firewall you use. Hope that helps.



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B is started by A, so you may have to minimize the game upon first connecting to a server, and check to make sure that it is being allowed through. F-Secure from personal experience, is perhaps one of the worst anti-virus programs I've come accross, though, as it finds a lot of virii in programs that are perfectly clean, it's security issues are well past what they should be with the wrong things. It won't find the virii that are needed to be stopped, how-ever.


If I may make a recomendation, for a very good free to home users anti-virus. Check this Avast out. It's free(requires a legit e-mail for activation code) and is very light on system resources. I've been using it for the past several years now, and just love it. Works on 64x platforms as well. :)


In all honesty, the only firewall I use, these days, is the one that comes with Windows itself, and I don't bother with third-party software anymore, been fine for years, but that may depend on your personal habits, as well, so entirely up to you. Biggest issue is to not click on links in random chat programs, unless you know them to be safe.


Secondly, updating PB itself, you might have a simple bad install(it can happen for various reasons).


Download PBSetup.exe from here(click the blue).


Now, simply create a folder on your desktop named pb(lower-case), and put the file into it. Now run it, add all your pb-enabled games via it's configurations, and run it, to update all your games from one easy to access folder. It will download all the files for you.


If you're still having issues, go into your game's install directory, generally C:/windows/program files or program filesx86(64-bit)/Activision(for COD4), and find the pb folder for your game. Right-click and re-name it to pb_old, then create a new folder named pb. Run the pbsetup.exe again from your desktop folder, and create from scratch, only the latest pb files. Hope this helps ya out.



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