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kicked constantly by PB


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Ive been playing BF2 on daily basis and now today all of sudden I get kicked every time i join a server, i get as far as join game but before I can even select a kit I kicked with the following error message...

restriction: unknown API function 131125

Ive done a little searching but found no fix, lots of people have reinstalled everything from PB to BF2 and the problem has remained so I wont bother..


hopefully someone here has a fix for me :unsure:

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What operating system are you using? If it's Windows 7, it's not officially supported by punkbuster/EvenBalance until the release date later this month.


You could try backward compatibility mode for XP SP1 as a possible solution, how-ever.



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Im using XPpro SP3 and have been for a long time, Ive not had any problems of this nature before, Ive had the odd handshake kick and high ping kick but never API.


Ive not installed any new software recently and others suggest its to do with other applications using overlay but the only thing i use like that that is xfire which is upto date and hardly ever running when i play :dunno:

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Try turning x-fire off. It's been known to cause a variety of issues. Other potential issues as well, could be programs like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, especially if you use the over-lay function, EVGA Precision Tool has been known to cause some issues with the latest version. Bottom line, other than the game itself, turn off all other third-party apps and see if you're still getting kicked. Then add one third-party app at a time, to see which one is causing the kick, to eliminate the source of your problems.



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This fix is a few years old that i found while googl searching your problem.


It seems I might have found the solution via using a fantastic peace of software called "Autoruns" (http://www.sysinternals.com/) in which you can see EVERYTHING that is automatically loaded in your computer (and it is really A LOT of stuff)


Systematically I turned of different autostarting applications and tried to run BF2 to see whether or not I would be kicked out and suddenly I could play! After further investigation I found the single application that caused the problem and it was an application for hijacking sound and transfer it to an Apple Airport Express (quite niched app. but super-great for its purpose) - the name is "Airfoil" and is shareware from http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/windows/ - I had a BETA version 2 running and I have not yet tried the full version (and I do not intend to test it before the weekend, cause now I am roing enjoy great BF2 games 24/7 )


Tnx for your support - it

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Thnx guys,

I have been systematically changing the sytem startup and the only thing i had running in the end was BF2 and NOD (av) and was still getting kicked..


I have now fixed the problem (well ive stayed connected to servers this time) and I think it was down to the omega drivers I was using, I uninstalled them and replaced them with proper uptodate Nvidia drivers and now I can play.....for now :)


thnx for all the help and info though

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