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PB Kick


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From Yesterday I Got Kicked From My Clans Server


For the Following





Am not on the master ban list


I do not have hacks on my computer


.. Can you please Help Me To Fix This .. As i play cod4 alot


Xfire - Jasonfox1


My GUID is - fe4873cebdecbedec44da53a6077e2aa

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Since you're not yet on the master ban list here, or other AC sites, you've got yourself one option, as PB only kicks for the offence. Format your computer, and do a completely fresh install of Windows. Update all drivers to the latest versions, and re-install the game. Make sure you've got a good anti-virus program and firewall in place, as well as malware protection. You say you didn't install any cheats, that's fine. Something ended up on your computer related to a cheat, by you, or by someone else, or possibly just poor security of your computer on your end. Regardless, the file is now there, causing the detection. Format/clean install is the best way to rid yourself of it, as such files tend to be pretty deeply rooted into various areas of your registry, etc.


Pending that doesn't work for you, you'll have to file a Trouble Ticket with evenbalance themselves, as the detection is theirs.




Additional notes. Your GUID shows as globally banned by EvenBalance in the MPi. Above trouble-ticket link will be a must, now. Be polite in it, and provide them with as much information as you can. Things like hardware installed in your computer, operating system, anti-virus program, any third-party apps running at the time(things like x-fire, fraps, evga precision tool, etc). Then just be patient. If you keep replying to your TT before they respond, it bumps your ticket down to the bottom of the list, and as such, takes longer to get a reply. Replies can take a couple of weeks, so again, patience is a virtue.



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If the server isnt streaming u get a KicK...If it Is Streaming U get a BAN


tahts wat the PBadmin told me

That's true most of the time... but... The violation may in some cases be accompanied by a Global GUID Ban by EvenBalance themselves. That means the player will not be able to play on any server that has PB enabled. :)




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