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Trouble with aimbotters


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Hello gents, over the last few days I've noticed I've been getting some aim-botters on my COD-WAW server. Upon spectating them, they show the usual characteristics, sudden aim moves and every aim change is a kill, even through objects and massive scores compared to usual good players. I've checked that I'm streaming ok and also that the CVAR & MD5 are up to date and all seems fine. What would you recommend I could do to stop them?




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I was hoping there was some way of catching them automatically. I dont play every day so rely on the game voting for other people to vote kick them off. What I noticed is that they also tie up the voting system by automatically calling votes for map changes and kicks of other random players so no one else can call a vote.




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As with any game running on a server, one of the main tools in cutting the cheats and trouble is server admins.

Get a couple more admins onside if you are trying to do it alone.

Server admins can at least kick etc for any problems.

That would save relying on the kick votes etc

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