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How do I spectate suspicious players?


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OK... I know that Fraps and any other video that can be edited, will not be accepted by PB Bans as evidence of hacking. This kind of evidence *is* very valuable however when we, the admins, consider banning someone locally if it is from a reputable source.


That being said, I read somewhere (and can't remember or find it for the life of me now...) instructions on how to spectate a player on BF2. Specifically, how to automatically follow a specific player.


I know how to "free camera," and I know that if I hit the space bar, I will automatically follow a single player. What I don't know is how to follow a specific player rather than the one the game attaches me to automatically.


Anyone know?


Many thanks in advance.

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When you press space bar and you follow one player, press C to cycle through players on your team. You will only be able to follow them in third person mode though.


I think the admin has to enable this option too (or at least I think they have the power to disable it) because it doesn't seem to work on all servers.

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I check PBSS, but still haven't figured out the best and optimum X/Y Width/Length settings yet. However, for a cheap backup way of checking cheaters, is to use BR. Mainly to see if the gunfire is going through objects/buildings and such. Kinda hard, but effective, and if the cheater is still playing on my server, I'd kick them.


I've only caught one, and he was using an account that was hacked. 4 start General with only 42,000 pts. My friend has 53,000 pts and is only a SGT MJR. So do the math and figure that one out. Check out stats of players at BF2s.com. That is how I found that hacked account this Kill_Gore player was using.

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