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PC Gamers Unite: Global Stand Down Day!


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If you found your way here Im guessing you understand just what the above statment means to the FPS PC Community.


There is an online petition you really should have signed by now HERE - If not get your ass there and do it pronto!


We at AngryEmployee are all understandably quite devastated about the prospect of no Dedi servers and so here are launching this campaign to ask that 'ALL' fellow fraggers the world over to embrace this concept, we must unite and come together as one on the 10th November 2009. (MW2's Official release date)


A simple task for the individuals involved, A humongous acheivment for the community on the whole.


Thousands of us have already cancelled MW2 pre-orders - Thousands have made the decision not to purchase the game on release, we have signed petitions, whined in forums and tweeted our little twingers to the bone.


Its time for the next phase "Mission - Possible" 'The Global Stand Down'



"A Global Standown"...?


On the 10th November 2009 @ 00:00 - 00:00 11th November 2009


- Every Server Host - Every Server Entity - Every Server Owner - Every Clan - Every Organisiation - Every Individual With the Power - The World Over!!!


Calling ALL fragging legends with administrative rights and access to 'ANY LIVE' Call Of Duty gaming server:


Please ensure you have your Keyboard, Mice, Monitors & Log-In Details @ the ready!



Nov 10th 2009 @ Zero Hundered Hours (A day for history of PC Gaming)?




The Stand-Down has the potential to be the biggest joint effort and remarkable statment of solidarity ever seen in the International Gaming Community.


This manover will of course halt Infinity wards master servers and bring them to a stand still: They can then instantly view which ip's they have temporarily lost the world over.


IW will immediatley understand how wide spread and deep routed our feelings are.


A true testiment of our commitment and buying power.


We are not ready to give up this fight and simply accept that this is a done deal, there is fuel for our already raging fires yet.


Between us we have almost three weeks (@ time of posting) To acomplish our goal.


The roots of our society need to be informed of this mission: All Organisations, Fraternitys, Clans and powers that be informed. Notices on our server spam, our forums our tweets.


Most of us have given the better part of a decade to the Call Of Duty series, the time for slanging and grimace is over: We have reached the crossroads and IW has forced our hand, now is the time for positive action and a real reaction.


To the real voices of our Community: Bash&Slash FPS Admin {PST} Joker to mention but a few, I sincerely hope you guys will support us and help us with this cause by endorsing and shaking this egg upto its hatching point.


AngryEmployee are a simple PC gaming clan like any other the world over: we simply wish to frag in the way we have become accustomed.


The sole reason we are here is pretty dam simple, We want our game back.......!!


Join us in the fight to:


"Re-Claim our Game!"

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Better idea. Game on CoD4 and WaW servers, the day of release, and send a message as to how well dedicated server files work.


I won't shut down my servers, but I will populate them, rather than support a new game with none.



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