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Ban Appeal Query


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Hi Guys,

Firstly great source of information on here, though rather complex and hard to navigate when you really don't know what your doing :)


A guy in our group was playing with us last night on a server we usually play on, and all of a sudden bam he gets done for a multi hack...Now he swears and we know he didn't do anything as he isn't that hot with computers for one and well he just isn't that way inclined (don't they all say that...). But regardless I found this website and the ban information. Then proceeded to tell him to send an email to even-balance via support you linked. He got a reply to send them the info when he gets kicked form the server, though this is where it gets strange.

On TOPHATS server and other pbhub servers he cant join, says kicked by admin decision, yet on normal pb governed servers he's fine. He has replied with the line /Error - you have been banned from this server by server admin. :blink:

So I ask, basically what is he banned for as it seems he hasn't got a pb ban, but a pb hub ban? And how can this be resolved?

I'm totally lost as you can see by my babbling. any help appreciated, linked included for his ban page.




Kind Regards


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He is banned only from servers that stream to PBBans. He can still play on non-streaming servers. :)


He has already appealed his ban so he'll need to wait for the outcome of that. Nothing will happen until EvenBalance responds to the ticket. If EvenBalance says that the violation was triggered in error, then he will be unbanned. Otherwise, the ban will stay permanently. EvenBalance usually takes 24-48 hours to reply but can take up to 2 weeks.




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The ban appeal is ongoing.

We are just waiting for EvenBalance to verify wether the violation is valid or a false positive.

EvenBalance always have the last word on bannable violations raised by their own software.

If they rule that the violation was not raised in error the ban will remain on the MBi.

If they say the violation was raised in error, we will lift the ban immediately.

Its that simple.

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it would appear as a false positive ! reading the other thread seems a few people got nobbled for it! anyways nice to see pb listen and you guys also are fast on the unbans/bans.

thanks for the help in this matter, now he can play again :P




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