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Problem with registration of Server


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I have a problem. I registrated and add my server for the PB but the Forum bot write me the following:


Server Overview

Server was not found

The server you have entered was not found to be streaming to PBBans. If you are the owner of this server and would like to stream to us please fill out an account application located here. If you have an account with PBBans you can simply add this server from the Account Manager.


With the PBBans Hub you can stream to us while keeping streaming with other anti-cheat communities. For more information about the services we offer please visit our Starters Guide


My server is ok. I can connect and the other people as well.

I tried to repeat registratraion in Account Application but have got the message:


Error You have already applied for admin status but has not yet been processed.


What have I done wrong?

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Quoted from the link above:


Application denied.


The link to your website doesn't work.

Re-apply after fixing the problem.


Read our Streaming Application Requirements: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=82214

PBBans require a working website from each streaming applicant. The website needs to include such things as a team roster, server information and a forum for discussion with team members.

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