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So few days ago ( about 2 ) i was normally playing on one of Polish Servers. ( if needed i will tell soon ip ) I didn't get kicked or whatever but next day i couldn't join ( i got kicked after 2 sec after joining ) because of :

" Nerchio punkbuster kicked player(for... 0 minutes) Nerchio został wykopany( this is in polish : got kicked) BANLISTED [guid banlist] c320f5522ae3319c10bca587bc2c3283 [admin decision].

I've entered on my other original (bought from shop) key and i asked admin if i got banned for anything but after he checked it out, he told me that i wasn't.

Today i have checked on the site [check guid] and it says that it's not Master banned, but i still get kicked from that server.

What is important, the key on which i got ban, was bought in e-shop ( in popular one, in which u buy items from others ) but there wasn't any problems before this accident.

If anyone can fix that? Thanks in advance,


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Sounds like you were banned locally on that server. You'll likely have to take it up with the clan on their forums, if you can locate them. Other than that, all you can really do is find another server to play on.



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