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Problem with server registration


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Good afternoon.

I represent clan SPb. We have left the demand for connection to PBBANS server IP194.106.196.81:28961

But you have refused to us such message:

"The server IP exists on the MPI Master Player Index)

The very first check we make is wether the server address exists on the MPI.

If it does, streaming is denied as a matter of course."

It is an error. We rent our server at

http://game-hosting.su/ It is public and is registered on



We ask you to reconsider your decision and to connect our server to PBBANS

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The mentioned IP is indeed on the MPi and is used by a player from Poland.

As you have read in our requirements, we will deny the IP.


Servers MUST be hosted at a data centre. This means that you can rent a server off a Game Server Provider (GSP), co-locate your server or rent space on a dedicated server in a data centre.

Any server that is situated at home or in your home office/business that you can access via your network is not acceptable. There is no reason that you should be able to play the game on the same IP as the server that you wish to stream to PBBans.


We will automatically deny any application if the server IP appears on the MPI (Master Player Index)


I would contact your Game Server Provider (http://game-hosting.su/) about this issue.

Best thing to do, is asking them for a new server IP to get your streaming here.

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Good afternoon.

We were refused in connection to PBBans


Having obtained the data about unfair players in your previous messages we have taken measures on elimination of the specified reasons. Players with such GUID any more do not play our clan. We are ready to present GUID each our operating clansman. Once again we ask to check up our clan and to connect us to PBBans

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