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Can someone check my GUID please.


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I have resently reinstalled cod4 but I'm being kicked from a couple of servers saying I'm a PBBans list.


Last server is got kicked from gave me this message:


kBuster kicked plkicked plaom' (30 minutes)... Enforced

PBBans EBL. Your GUIDYour Ganned by AirDaleOps' [Admin De[Admin Dec


he last 8 of my GUID is: a2848627 (if needed I do have the full GUID provided I wrote it down right)

My user name atm is Random but I caut remember if that is what I used before, it's been a while since I last played cod4


I have checked both PBBbans and Punksbusted busted h sitoth sites sGUID is clean.


Any help would be great.

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Thank you for the quick replys I will take it up with them.


ps. Sorry about the bad english in my 1st post seems my spell checker in on the blink and messed up everything I wrote.

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