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Linked Banned GUID

-EPC- Koudelka

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Hey there..


I was fooling around on the MPI, checking up on a few new recruits when I decided to check my own guid out of pure boredom..


It came up, and I scrolled down, and here I'm looking at a linked GUID ban for CoD4..

Now first of all let me say I dont hack, never have nor will do so. But I guess they all say that eh ?


Anyhow.. As you can see by searching this GUID: 875a72e7 that I'm from Denmark, and have only played using Danish Ip adresses.


Using the options to use alias tracker and linked guid's you get a banned one.


This banned GUID is from the UK.. Call me paranoid or whatever. But is there any way to have that link removed ? I don't appreciate the fact that you can look up my name/identity on the MPI and for people not looking good enough they would think, oh.. He's a hacker..


So what I'm trying to say is, I don't want to be mixed in between hackers and their bots when I'm trying all I can to catch the twats..



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GUIDs are linked by IP address. It does not mean you hacked, just that somebody at one time used the same IP address as you and got caught cheating. It looks like your IP is dynamic, which means that you will be linked to more GUIDs than someone on a static IP address. Linked GUIDs are not always reliable and must be interpreted with care.


We will not change or remove any information from the MPi. We provide the data, its up to SGAs how it is interpreted.

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Afraid the answer to your question is no. The MPI data will not be altered in any way, this is to maintain its integrity. As you say you are on a Danish IP whereas the perpetrator was caught on a UK based IP. It doesn't take much to realise the ban isn't yours.

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Ah I see. Well it sucks having that linked GUID, when it's nothing to do with me.


Anyway, thank you for the replies. And I guess I do understand that you can't remove the link.


Never hurts to ask though. ;)

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Don't feel to bad. If you search my alias, WT|RoadWarrior, in COD4, you'll find I'm linked to some clown in Brazil who used my game name while cheating. Not linked by GUID or IP, obviously, but the idea is to show you that interpretation of the information you see has to be looked at with some indifference. Searching via GUID only is the most accurate. Linked GUID or alias-tracker options need to be looked at carefully, as Surfy stated. To just see someone associated by IP address, in a world where a lot of countries have dynamic IP addresses, means nothing, in the long run. This will never classify you as being associated with cheating in any way, so rest easy.

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