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Its been awhile since I have visited the site, however last time I was in a clan, I was a listed admin on their pbbans account

At the time, I already had streaming admin status from a private server I ran and had to have that deactivated before I could be added their list, however, since leaving them, I have gone into a new community and given control over the servers, which we need pbbans on for ladders and leagues. However, when i go to apply I get


You have already applied for admin status and your application was approved.

Relating to the old application from when I ran my private server, meaning I cant apply for streaming admin with these servers.

Any ideas folks?

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far as i know, im not associated with any accounts



AccCP returns


** Access Denied **

You must have an account at PBBans to access this area.


To get a PBBans Account please visit our application page and apply.

and im getting redirected to my old application (http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76882) when i try and apply

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Previously you requested to be removed from the Team Account for which you had applied.




You should now be able to submit a new application. Prior to submitting a new Team Account application, please review the Streaming Application Requirements along with the PBBans Terms of Service.

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