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Looking for a sponsor


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Clan outpost is now looking for sponsors. We will give the clan that is willing to sponsor us a free server only if their website meets what we call sponsor material and willing to put our site name on the server name and a banner with a little news article on your main page. Send me an X-Fire message skystriker98 if your interested.

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By sponsor, do you mean the clan has to spend money? Or simply link to you? You should clarify the terms of service with such a request.


Bear in mind, PBBans is not an advertisement site nor a promotional site. While we don't discourage it, we're here for anti-cheat purposes. Not to be your venue into the gaming world to quick-start your business.



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Willing to link to you, on my personal site, as a gamer. PM me the link code, I'll put it on my homepage and forum. I'm not doing it for the free server, as Chicago is not ideal for my clan, but I may use it for a test-server of sorts for personal use if you're so-inclined.

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