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Nvidia drivers


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Hey all what does everyone think about this.


As most of you probably know after 185 nvidia drivers they have included something called ambient occlusion....


Now according to Nvidia this is to add realism to scenes by redusing the intensity of ambient light on surfaces blocked by surrounding objects...


The thing that i am intrested in is are Evenbalance or PBBans going to class this as a kind of cheat because when playing COD4 you can see outlines of the players through the smoke and it could be classed as an unfair advantage...


IMO i feel that it is part of the Nvidia driver set so people should beable to use it if they wanted but i just wanted to get different peoples opinions about it....


Cheers everyone :-)

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I've gone back to 186 drivers after trying every release thus far. Every driver after that has given me overheating issues. With 186 drivers, I can run my fan speed at 60-70%. With any higher driver version, anything below 100% fan speed ends up causing temperature related graphic issues.

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No issues with the latest Beta drivers. I chose not to include the part of the download that offered the cross-hairs and occlusion(optional). No heat issues, my 285GTX runs cool at under 70F under load.


How you download is the same, what you install, pay attention too, and install accordingly. Don't just keep hitting the next button.



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