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this clan is illegal banning


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this clan is illegal banning.

'the web site adress is: link removed


they have anned me bec i said i hack on single player.

i not haxk online.

this is illegal plz talk with em and help me. i will get unbanned but i need ur help.

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PBBans is an anti-cheat community banning players that cheat/hack. PBBans only bans you from the online features in games since that's the only place where the bans can go, but PBB will not divide hackers into groups (online & offline in this case). Hacking is hacking, period.


The server admin apparently thought the same and is in his right to ban you if you claim that you've hacked. The difference between PBB and him is that PBB only relies on proof and he went with what you said about yourself.


Also the anti-cheat community isn't a Hierarchy; the final word is and stays with the server admin.


To be honest, PBBans can not help you on this issue. The best way for you to get unbanned is to contact the server admin yourself. Good luck.



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What another clan bans for is their own business to be be perfectly honest.


and that business was up to me.. you want to rant and rave about your hacking in singlplayer and bash up and down on my server about how you can easily hack onto it, creating a fuss amoungst other fellow players, then sobeit, but dont come knocking on the forums for help to get unbanned.

It dont matter if you hack in singleplayer games, cheating is cheating. Why you were honest about it is beyond me and your lack of brains put you in this predicament.


This goes for any of you on my server. You want to be a smart ass and wave your stupidity like a coward, your going to get treated like a coward. My server is a strictly no cheat, no bs server unlike the others out there. That includes talking about any cheat or even singleplayer hacks.


Enough said, go play on another server to boost your low life cheating skills fool. You have really pissed me off to a new level by you even posting in this forum, right after you created a fuss in my forum.

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