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Banned and unable to do anything about it.


Being banned when hijacked  

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  1. 1. Do you think a global ban should be lifted if the users GUID's (CDkey) has been hijacked?

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I play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and i've been globally banned. The banning has nothing to do with me as my GUID/keycode has been hijacked.

It started just before Christmas when on a couple of occasions i would try to log onto a game and it would come up with the 'Keycode in use' message. Not long after it stopped abruptly and it never happened again up until the early part of this month.

I asked Benway for help on this and he provided me with the details of the other user which is at the bottom of this page. It also turned out that there was another person at it also.

The hijacker/s seem to have ceased their activity as i've been logging onto a server where i am a clan member without issue for a couple of weeks now. However, because i'm a player from the UK and the server i use is UK based, it means that if i play at night, i usually end up having to play on another populated server.

I've tried to appeal the ban but i've been told that it stands. It means that now i have will have to contact server admins to ask if they will unban me locally even though i haven't done anything wrong.

I'm seriously at a loss on what to do. I've tried multiple things in order to get this put right.

I've been in touch with Benway when i conformed the key was being used by someone else. He couldn't help though i appreciate his efforts.

I've been in touch with Infinity Ward to no avail.

I've been in touch with Activision to no avail.

I've emailed the offenders' ISP's to have their activities investigated.

I've appealed the bans on both PunkBuster and PBBans to no avail.

It's really upsetting that i can't correct this issue. I'm not a hacker or a cheat. I've been on the receiving end of cheaters in the past and it's not funny.

I just want to get this sorted and i can't really afford to go out and buy another copy of Modern Warfare.

I really need help here guy's.

Here are the details of the offending pair of f@*%s.


Alias No. 1: NFS-AD1S


Details for IP Address:

General Information

Hostname: host-85-30-133-13.sydskane.nu

ISP: Teleservice Bredband Skane AB

Organization: CableTV Customers

Proxy: None detected

Type: Cable/DSL


Geo-Location Information

Country: Sweden

State/Region: 27

City: Sj

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All you can do is either reformat and install a brand new game with a brand new key-code, really. Root-kit scan/new key at the very least. Stolen keys come from installing a key-logger or back-door trojan of some kind and your pc-security is your own issue.


Once a key is in the wild, it will be used to cheat over and over again, and simply will not be removed from a ban-list. A global ban is only issued by EvenBalance, the creators of the punkbuster software at www.evenbalance.com . We only issue bans based on our detections and the cheats we have in our database.


You can file a Trouble Ticket with EvenBalance directly, and include the link in your appeal to us(required) so that we may monitor it. If they say the detection was false, the ban will also be removed on our end. We automatically ban any EB-based global ban in our list.


Please make sure to include as much information as possible in your trouble ticket. Everything from computer hardware and driver revisions installed. Any background programs you had running at the time such as anti-virus, firwall, anti-malware programs, Steam(gaming distribution software). Any chat programs such as x-fire, msn, etc. Any over-clocking programs for hardware. Literally anything you can add for additional information that may give them a clue as to what may have caused a potential false-positive detection.


Last note, be clear, concise, and be POLITE to them. I see a lot of tickets, and it's amazing how so few include any useful details, and the other end of them is just rude, demanding to be un-banned, without including any information. This note is just to help you gain the best possible help from them, and hopefully a solution to your issue.



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I just want to get this sorted and i can't really afford to go out and buy another copy of Modern Warfare.


I feel for you but unfortunately once a key has been stolen/leaked, this is your only option. However, before installing the new game, I'd get rid of whatever stole the key in the first place (safest way is by reformatting your computer).

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