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Using HLSW for Remote RCON Commands


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I personally recommend HLSW and I use it daily to administer my server. You can do any of the internal RCON commands. Some people like to use other programs....but to help those who don't know how to do RCON commands unless they are in the game.....here ya go:


First, go download the latest version of HLSW here: http://www.hlsw.net/index.php?page=downloa...p;category=hlsw


Once you have it installed, you need to configure it. I will show you an example of how to setup HLSW to work with SoF2. Do the following and this should help get you started.


Click Server List

Click New

Change File Name to SoF2

Change Name to SoF2

Click OK


Now you have a special area setup for the SoF2 servers. Now, let's continue the configuration so that you can browse for SoF2 servers on the internet.


Click Server List

Click Properties

Click on Gamers Search Server List

Click on Gamers Search (at the top of the window)

Now select Soldier of Fortune 2 on the drop down menu

Click OK

Press F6


You have configured HLSW to show you SoF2 servers that are active and on the internet. Now, let's configure HLSW where you can do RCON commands.


Click View

Check RCON Section

Check Server List

Check Rules

Check Player Name

Check Toolbar

Check Status Bar

Check Ping Graph

Check Display colors in player and server names


Now, let's find your game server.


Click Server

Click Find.....Server Name

In the top bar...where the cursor is blinking....enter your server name (like {VOD})

Once you found your server.....highlight the entry


Now, let's enter your RCON password.


Enter the RCON password in the block at the bottom

Click Test

Check the box for Save


If you entered the correct password, it will tell you....and you will also see a Star appear beside your server in the main window. Now, lets enter a RCON command.


Just below where you entered your RCON password, you will see a tab that says Console.....click it.


In the bar at the bottom type this for a test: /pb_sv_writecfg


You should see the command and the reply displayed in the status window.




Well there ya go.....now ya have SoF2 done.....now ya can press on with the other games that you have. What I did was even made my own personal list....and copied all of the servers there that I use frequently.


Any questions.....thoughts....or suggestions?

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