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I'm trying to add my Servid in my Streaming mensagen get that error that I no longer have access to Streaming.




That is because You are a normal user. Not an Streaming admin.

You need to evaluate Your account, if You want to applicate for streaming admin.


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Sharing team account login info with people who have no right of access.


Deliberate attempts to circumvent team account suspension by applying with different clan names etc.


Harbouring cheaters within the clan ranks.


Need I go on ?

One of the mainstays between PBBans and admins that use our servers is trust.

This clan has completely lost any kind of trust that existed at the start of streaming via PBBans.

I totally endorse Surfy's decision to permanently suspend team account #8438 and hereby invite you to find another anti cheat site to stream to.

I am also requesting that you stop spamming our forums with team account applications and forum accounts from clan members.

Its not worth leaving this topic open for any kind of discussion because the suspension is permanent and irrevocable.

Any attempt at opening another topic on this issue could lead to a full forum ban.

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