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PB Hack & Video Driver Hack


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If you are a server admin with ftp access to your game server, your in luck....and we are here to help ya. Would you consider streaming your game server's PB logs to PBBans?

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Streaming is simple and (mostly) painless! Well worth it, and it's kinda cool to see your clan's tag next to a cheater's nick when the streaming shows it before even you know about it! :D


Just a shameless plug, these guys do great work. B)

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I take it PB Hacks are bad though...I just added the PB hacks to my ban list...and one of them was currently on my server playing under a different name. I have pb_sv_autoupdban enabled now so it will add future PB bans, but did not up untill that point. Also, I've been on a server that did not allow you to play with a guid less than a day old...anybody know how to make that happen???

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PBHacks are hacks that are, in some way, interferring with Punkbuster. They are fully a bannable offense.


Hopefully you will talk to your other clan members and see if streaming your servers is something they would be intrested in. Its a great thing.

If you want to set up your servers to stream contact Bob and he will get you all set up. Its painless and requires you to basically do nothing once its set up. :D

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