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Streaming Applicant Requirements ?


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Streaming Applicant Requirements




User has agreed to the Terms of Service

User has agreed to having a roster viewable to guests

User has agreed to having a forum viewable to guests


However, the forum is not viewable and I am not sure where your memberlist/roster is. Please feel free to re-apply once the above requirements are met.




I understand your 1st refusal, my forum is visible to users register on the site http://www.clan-vikings.com and member list is accessible by all at the same address.



Je comprend pas ou est le probleme ?? Pourriez-vous m'eclaircir votre reponse svp ?

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The roster I can find... no problems on that one... ;)

However, you need to make at least some subforums visible/readable to guests. We are looking for signs of longevity from teams we let stream. Having an active forum is a good sign to judge by. :)


The accounts admins don't have time to register to every site that wants a team account. ;)




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