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Ban Possible?


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I am new here, so sorry if I have posted in the wrong topic.


Basically we run several call of duty rifle only servers... In the past couple of days there was a guy who came on and said that the server will crash and crashed it. I though that exploit was already fixed but it was obvisously some new one..


I got my server logs showing that.. we got his punkbuster GUID before hand.. One of our members watched him and then realiased who that person is. He went on to 4 more other servers with names of different people from different clans and did the same.. So they can confirm..


Is this enough evidency to apply for some sort of a ban? Because these 5 clans are pretty annoyed with what happened, and some still do not have their servers backup after 2 days now. (linux hosting, they can't restart from webadmin for some reason).


I restarted my server as we have dedictaed windows box, but I still think that this kind of behaviour deserves a ban...



So if you guys could point me of where to go, and if this is a valid ban or is punkbuster only interested in hacks and cheating people?

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Come have a chat with me......in irc ( irc.quakenet #pbbans ).



right sorry guys was away for a little while...


Very sorry, I didn't abandon the topic.


Anyway... Yes I have details.



And our server was crashed again today...


I am really angry that someone is irresponsible enough to put such information on the web. I was able to find the details in 10 seconds of using google. I am pretty sure that my server is patched to the lastest version so it is not buffer overflow that was fixed with the 1.5b patch.


Anyway I have punkbuster log for this guy coming on to server. And also a normal server log where this time I could see him using the crash key. All it is is a bind with a long say command that causes overflow. And this i was able to find on net easily. I am now making sure I have the latest version, but I am pretty sure it is. And anyway, I think such people should be banned.


I have also heard that this guy crashed another rifle only server the same time today.


They have linux and we have windows, so i guess its platform independent

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Yea it is ashame that info like that is out there.Up till 3 weeks ago, my cod uo clan had the same problem with our server.We never could get any info on them before they would crash the server(there was 2 of them involved in our case).But it sounds like they used the same mo.May pm you to check some things out just in case.

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Well guys They got us again last night.We got the player kicked.Server disconnected for inactivity message about 3 time's and had to restart the server each time.Holback is going to check the log's to see if we got anything this time and file a ticket with our host.It would really be nice to catch these guys and get something done about it.

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