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i was drifting in thought the other day and had a idea ,

how feasible is it to set up a hub like system that would background check players on mpi apon entry to a server and when a dirty account is found {say your servers on bf2 and player hacks cod4 } remove them automatically {if server admin wants this feature}

i dont want hackers in my room even if there clean on bf2 but hack other platforms like cod or wolfenstien etc

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Basically the idea is quite good but unfortunately the MPi isn't that reliable.


It's possible that in the MPi it shows wrong GUIDs for player thru linked IPs.

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Funny coincidence.


I was thinking about a similiar set up earlier, not wanting to put RespectedAdmins out of business here, but an optional enforcement list of players who have new guids but have been previously banned would be good.


I imagine however based on Pisi's response this would be a case of manual labour but if RA can do the job maybe it's worth considering?

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Only GUIDs which are caught hacking will ever been banned here at PBBans, a full 32 digit PB GUID is the only sure fire way to know the player you are banning, is the one caught hacking.


All this linking in MPI via IP address and alias matches for one is not only unreliable, mainly because most people don't know how to fully match and link a GUID together with another one, but can also be forged most of the time. If you really wanted to you could fake a player name, get lucky with a IP address link up and then you are tarring a completely innocent player.


The effect of this becomes much worse when you talk of doing it across more than 1 game. The hub has now logged well over 10 million guids, you are gonna get alot of cross over unless you have experience in knowing what to look for.


There is another lesser know reason to not witchhunt players, we only ban GUIDs and not players. Its better to give people chances in life or video games in this case for mistakes they make. In order to get a second chance alls they need to do is buy a new copy of the game, this is there punishment for hacking. Once they have served there sentence so to speak they should get a second chance.


If you proceed to chase players away from games by banning them from all games with no hope of return, you are only gonna push them further underground and make them even harder to catch in the future.



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