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Question about streaming


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My clan got denied streaming due to our website looking new (It's been up since mid-feb) and not enough activity. The problem is this: We're always on vent, so no need to ever post anything on the forum.


Are we allowed to resubmit as a community instead of a clan, or do we have to get the forum activity up and resubmit as a clan?


Also, if we can resubmit as a community, does the forum activity also have to be up as well? I guess what I don't get is how having activity on our forum is showing we want no cheats on our server. I would think asking to stream here would show we want nothing to do with cheats.

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forum activity is one indicator that your group will be around for a while


it isn't that difficult to get a few threads going and maybe posts some pics of your dog or something


trust in the knowledge the requirements are not there to be a pain


they were implemented for a reason


or rather several reasons

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Community/Clan, no reason, if you have forums why they should be being used.


Get the motivated to post.


As HSMagnet said, all requirements are there for good reasons.

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