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cruel and unusual ban


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I'm a regular player and enjoy bf2. I joined a particular server for the first time tonight and was kicked and then banned within 5 minutes were up. I was accused of gliching, stat padding and just a plain cheet. I immediately warned members I will report this server for unfairness and false accusations. Being banned in the first 5 minutes has never happened to me ever. In fact In 3 years I have been banned only one time on a server where they claimed I had to many TKs for them. We all know this can happen and is not a fair reason to make judgements like these. I'm a good player and my stats show this. What I want to address is how can one fight back on a ban where there are false claims against you? These people just are immature and were probably stunned by my skill and call it a reason to ban. How do we fight bad server admins like these?

PLAYERS [PT Server Ranked] with players PT DYRTY 420, PT COONBATTEN, PT RandyTheLegend, gabe plyraleigh, team 2- GAMESTUPID, BRAZIL Absolut_SP, Cyanide Assassins all playing DRAGON VALLEY. I thought only punkbuster could ban someone. Well I don't know everything. Can you help settle the score? playtime was 10:25 p.m. Thursday night 4-29-10

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admins of the server may ban/kick people from their server for any reason they want or for no reason at all



just find somewhere else to play

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There could be any number of reasons for this situation but as a server admin over many years I can be certain that a statement of

I immediately warned members I will report this server for unfairness and false accusations.
will get you gone every time. Admins have the right to choose and that is fact; you could have been removed simply because of a slot being needed for a "Paying, yes thats right, a PAYING user..." Anytime a group has a server with contributing members they will take precedent. As Magnet said; there are tons of others or you could take the time to go to their forums to find out the reason in a respectful manner.
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