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I was wondering if we could compile a list of PBBans servers. Those that are using it and are updating. Enemy Territory is getting worse day by day and I would like to play on servers not affected by cheats/hacks etc..


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Well, I doubt you'll find any servers not affected by cheaters at all. There are just too many ways around PB unfortunately. :angry:


I like the idea of a PBBans friendly server list though. The master Streaming Index shows all the servers, but I don't think it seperates the game types right?

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It would be difficult to determine who actively uses our ban lists....as they are publically available for download. Those servers that stream to us are kept in our Master Streaming Index.....however, only those folks who are streaming game admin or higher can access this listing as it only applies to them.


Creating a list is one thing.....maintaining the list would add another task to our already mounting list of things to do ;)


As far as ET goes.......get active here and get to know the other ET game admin....word of mouth goes much further than any list :)

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Okay, I'll push our server then! :D




Running ET Pro (Alternates between 3.19 and 3.20 depending on what mmod we happen to be in.)

Usually in a Stopwatch Rotation of several maps, although there are a few custom campaigns as well.


Ahhh, what else ya need to know?

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Well...I know we come down hard on cheaters at EP Texas Gaming. Our servers are listed on www.eptexasgaming.com. Cheaters are banned on sight as soon as we catch them and have no opportunity to return.

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